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Your 'tailor-made' software solutions

The computer science engineering firm Enman provides expertise in computing systems for any kind of servers, giving the best software solution to its clients.

Enman helps you in the design for complete software product or software components ready to be integrated to already deployed solutions in your company. The applications and software components are implemented to target general use systems (Linux®, Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac OS X), mobile devices (BlackBerry®, Apple® iOS) and video game consoles (PlayStation®).
Enman implements software to fulfill your needs in the following areas :

  • Research

  • Industry

  • Company

  • Embedded

  • Video games

  • Your branch

Our team of experts in the development branch will provide a state of the art work to fulfill your needs at a competitive rate.

Let's talk about your project ?

The design driven by Enman includes : writing a requirement specification, a technical requirement and all the required use cases to ensure a continuous validation during the software development phase.

Enman is pleased to answer your questions and helping you on driving your project to success from its design up to its development.

Do you need to protect and to secure your digital contents ?

Enman delivers software components and products ready to use for a large range of systems and servers to add functionalities to support digital rights management allowing to protect any kind of digital contents.

Enman is a Microsoft Playready technology official licensee in the below areas :

They trust us :

Do you need to deepen your knowledge ?

Enman IT Schools delivers trainings in the computing branch.