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Overall software design

Enman helps you in the design for complete software product or software components ready to be integrated to already deployed solutions in your company.
The different stages during the software design includes : writing a requirement specification, a technical requirement and all the required use cases to ensure a continuous validation during the software development phase.

Software development

Enman uses a tight process using all the required testing steps during the software development phase. We assure the delivery of high quality software components.

Multiple systems supported

Software and applications are designed and developed to target :
- general use systems : Linux®, Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac OS X
- mobile devices : BlackBerry®, Apple® iOS
- video game console : PlayStation®

Enman is capable to maintain and upgrading software solutions and components you may not support with all the required tests and validation processes to ensure operating functionalities.
The programming languages used are various : processor assembly, C, C++, C#, Java, Java Script, Python...

Optimizing performances

Our team of experts audit, evaluate and optimise performances of your software solutions using low level technologies of the targeted system.

Different application fields

Enman deliver software components to fulfill the needs according to different fields :

  • Research

  • Industry

  • Company

  • Embedded

  • Video games

  • Your branch

Competitive rates

We deliver state of the art tailored software solutions at a competitive rate.
According to an article published by 01 Business, the costs of software engineering companies based in France, United Kingdom an in Germany have increased during the last years. In comparison, Enman delivers work at an attractive rate and may be half of our competitors.

We have delivered computing solutions and we perform a high level of competences with the below clients :

Enman is pleased to answer your questions and helping you in your software development needs.